Deforestation and its impacts – what can investors do?

Deforestation is an ongoing issue having a profound impact on climate change and the loss of global biological diversity. The Amazon rainforest is the largest rainforest in the world and is home to possibly one-fourth of the world’s species on land. What is the role of investors in limiting deforestation?

On a Swesif webinar March 25, Faazi Adam, Research & Engagement Manager from FAIRR Initiative and Emine Isciel, Head of Climate and Environment at Storebrand Asset Management shared some of their perspectives while Flora Gaber, Projektledare Hållbara Investeringar at AP7 and Rebecka Elkert, Portfolio Manager Alternatives and ESG Responsible with SEB Life & Pension moderated the discussion.

Knowledge shared in the seminar by Rebecka Elkert:

When it comes to deforestation, it is not only limited to rain forests, it is also about a savannah like the Cerrado, which is also important. And here the Cerrado Manifesto could offer a way for investors to make a difference.

Another important learning from the seminar was that to engage with companies around deforestation is important as well as to engage with governments – because they set the framework. Though, the suitable approach may vary from country to country.

And last but not least, to be part of an initiative is not just a chance to make a difference, it is also very educational.

According to the speakers, the next step in the presented initiatives is to get even more concrete; from policy to practice.



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