About Swesif

Interest for sustainable investment in all its forms is growing. Not least, the global financial crisis has led to an increased interest in long-sightedness and sustainability. Sustainable investment offers the tools, criteria and methods to integrate just these factors into the investment process. At the same time, the influence of investors is growing. There is, therefore, a need for a forum that brings together the forces working for and with sustainable investment in Sweden.

Sweden’s Sustainable Investment Forum (Swesif) is an interest forum aimed at disseminating information, engaging the community and raising awareness about investments for sustainable development. Our members are mainly asset owners and asset managers. We are also offering associate membership to service providers and consultants who share Swesif’s purpose.

Swesif offers its members:

  • Networking and meeting places to enable interaction on sustainability issues
  • The ability to engage in the research and development projects of the Forum
  • Regular information and updates regarding investments for sustainable development
  • Collaboration with Swesif’s Nordic sister forums, whenever possible

Swesif was founded in 2003 and has approximately 120 members. Our activities are funded through membership fees.

To obtain further information on Swesif’s organisation and activities, or to enquire about membership applications please contact Swesif’s administration.

For information about the website and its content, please contact Swesif’s communication partner.