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About Hållbarhetsprofilen
(Swesif's Sustainability Declaration for Funds)

Swesif has initiated a project group to adapt Hållbarhetsprofilen to the SFDR standards and this work will be ongoing in 2022. An upgrade of Hållbarhetsprofilen will be launched on 1 February 2023.
More information on the project group's work is available here
More information for current users of HP is available here

Hållbarhetsprofilen (Swesif's Sustainability Declaration for Funds, HP) is a standardised information sheet which describes a fund's approach to integrating responsible investment. The HP complements the fund's factsheet.

HP's purpose is to meet the needs of fund investors and the general public for easy and transparent information on how funds apply sustainability criteria in their management. It also enables comparability between funds.

HP is a self-declaration; the information in the document is filled in by the fund companies and is neither reviewed nor approved by Swesif. Swesif is only responsible for HP's format and guidelines.

Hållbarhetsprofilen is not a certification, label or quality stamp. It should only be seen as an information standard that allows fund companies to report how their funds take into account sustainability in an industry-uniform way.

All the completed Hållbarhetsprofilen fund declarations are assembled on Hållbarhetsprofilen's website. The profiles are also available on several fund platforms.

Joining Hållbarhetsprofilen

To join Hållbarhetsprofilen and to complete Sustainability Declarations for your funds, a contract must be concluded with Digia to access the service. Digia is the system provider responsible for all technical management and support related to Hållbarhetsprofilen for the fund management firms, the fund platforms and the pension authority.


This solution is financed by the fund management firms through a monthly licensing fee. The fee varies depending on the number of funds that are reported on the Hållbarhetprofilen platform, as follows:

1-5 funds reported: 750 SEK per month

>5 funds reported: 1 500 kr per month.

The fee does not depend on the frequency of information updates.


Please note: The following guidelines and template refer to the current version of HP. New templates and guidelines will be available before the end of October 2022 ahead of the update of HP which will be launched on 1 February 2023.
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Instruction on how to complete Hållbarhetsprofilen in English

Template for Hållbarhetsprofilen in English


If you would like to join Hållbarhetsprofilen and complete a contract or if you have questions about this process, please contact Digia: Björn Temin or Bengt Rodehav.

Frequently asked questions are answered here (in Swedish). For additional questions, please contact Swesif's secretariat.

For support please contact Digia here.


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