Swesif Sustainability Profile Streamlined


Throughout the year, we have been working on implementing functionality in the Swesif Sustainability Profile to enable uploading through an Excel template. This allows fund companies to upload and maintain multiple profiles simultaneously. Using an Excel file as an input tool also facilitates users’ ability to utilize data from external sources. An Excel file can contain an unlimited number of profiles. Once the Excel template is ready, it can be uploaded to the sustainability profile website, and all profiles are saved at the same time. This means that fund companies with a large number of profiles can now upload and maintain all funds at once.

Templates, User Guides, and Definitions

Click here to visit Swesif’s website for additional information, an Excel template, a user guide, and explanations of various sustainability concepts to support your updates.
For Fund Companies that have already updated their profiles
For those who have already updated their funds on the sustainability profile website, we want to inform you that you do not need to do it again. The information previously entered is retained, and you can use the Excel template for the next upload.

Contact and Additional Information

If you have any questions regarding this, feel free to contact any of the following individuals/organisations:

  • Edson Fonseca, Sustainability Profile Project Team, Edson.fonseca@schroders.com
  • Cecilia Cisana, Sustainability Profile Project Team, Cecilia.Cisana@sustainalytics.com
  • Swesif Secretariat, Swesif@swesif.org

Swesif handles personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The legal basis for our processing of your personal data is the agreement between Swesif and Digia. Digia is the system provider and is responsible for the technical operation and support of the Swesif Sustainability Profile for fund companies.

About the Sustainability Profile

The Sustainability Profile has been developed to simplify investors’ understanding of the sustainability profile of funds and facilitate comparisons between different funds. The Sustainability Profile should not be considered a legal document and should not be equated with, or replace, in any part, the information that the fund company is obligated to provide according to law and/or regulations. The information in the Sustainability Profile is provided and presented by the fund companies. Swesif takes no responsibility for the information provided in the Sustainability Profile. Fund companies are fully responsible for ensuring that the information is accurate, not misleading, updated at least once a year, and does not contradict other information provided by the fund company.

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