Sweden's Sustainable Investment Forum (Swesif) is an interest forum that aims to distribute, operate, and increase knowledge about sustainable investments. Our members are primarily capital owners and capital managers. We do also offer an associate membership for actors who promote Swesif's purpose in their activities.

Our aim is to increase knowledge and interest in sustainable and responsible investments.

What Swesif offers their members:

Networks and meeting places that enable collaboration on sustainability issues

Opportunity to get involved in the forum's research and development projects

Regular information and updates about investments for sustainable development

Cooperation with Swesif's Nordic and European sister associations


In our work, we proceed along three key notions:

Swesif works for knowledge-driven development

Diversity and unexpected meetings are enriching

We want to contribute to sustainable development in the financial industry


Solid and shared knowledge puts individuals and organizations at the forefront. From knowledge also grows humility and curiosity in the face of a complex reality. Our belief is that insights into fundamental sustainability perspectives help us navigate rapid developments in the field of sustainability and to create meaningful investment strategies. A high level of knowledge also builds increased trust from the outside world.

Knowledge building within Swesif revolves around three dimensions:

Fundamental perspectives on sustainability

What the sustainability agenda is about, what is happening in the real economy and how it affects the financial one, and vice versa.

Sustainable financial market

What is happening in the market in terms of policies, regulations and voluntary initiatives, aimed at enhancing the contribution of financial markets to sustainable development.

Sustainable value creation

How we as practitioners can translate sustainability perspectives and new frameworks into our daily work and mission.

As a member, you are offered a wide range of knowledge seminars. If you have an idea for a theme or speaker for our upcoming seminars, please get in touch.

You can also get involved in various projects and thematic focus areas.

Here on the website, we continuously share current and relevant knowledge. If you have suggestions for reports or articles, please please get in touch!


The variety of our members makes Swesif unique. No other organization gathers so many different actors and stakeholders within sustainable investments in Sweden.

Within Swesif, we work together and across borders in networks of asset owners, managers and analysis providers. The dialogue is trustful, constructive and non-commercial.

We often interact with actors outside our membership, such as academia and interest groups, as well as with our Nordic and international sister organisations.

Collaboration is also reflected in our seminars where we build knowledge and explore perspectives together. It is also evident in projects and thematic focus areas, where new relationships are created.

As a member or other stakeholder, do you have an idea for collaboration or networking? Get in touch!


Swesif is a forum for a wide range of stakeholders in sustainable investment in Sweden. We exist to build knowledge and networks that help drive development forward for all. Our role is also to challenge the conventional wisdom. Through our seminars, projects and thematic focus areas, we want to explore common issues keeping us at the forefront.

Our members are at different stages of their journey and have different starting points for their work. Their perspectives and motivations may be different, something we want to highlight and turn to our advantage. Those who have come further can inspire those who want to take the next step. Sometimes it is beneficial to standardise, sometimes it can be beneficial to act differently.

Swesif thus rarely speaks with one voice on individual issues, but can contribute to the discussion with important perspectives on sustainable investments, knowledge of the market, the roles of actors and different types of strategies, and share our own and others' research.

If you, as a member or external stakeholder, would like to ask questions or discuss different perspectives on sustainable investment, please feel free to contact us. Either we can answer directly or perhaps put you in touch with the appropriate person in our wide network!



Ordinary members:
Jennie Ahrén (Chairperson), Tundra Fonder
Alexandra Frenander, Folksam
Allan Emanuelsson, Danske Bank
Anette Carmelius (Treasurer), Öhman Fonder
Cecilia Cisana, Sustainalytics
Edson Fonseca, Schroders
Lingyi Lu (Vice Chair), Söderberg & Partner
Per Josephson (Secretary), Harvest Advokatbyrå
Victoria Lidén, Storebrand
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Anna Strömberg, Carnegie Fonder
Fredric Nyström, AP3
Kristofer Dreiman, Länsförsäkringar



Swesif's office is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the association. The main task is to arrange various activities and to provide the members with current information.

The office is managed by Big Green Tree Media AB


NordSIP - Big Green Tree Media AB


Resursmäklare M Rosén HB


Bengt Bergshem, Bergshem Revision AB

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