Swesif Hållbarhetsprofilen 2023

1. What is the purpose of the Swesif Hållbarhetsprofilen 2023 project?

While the new EU regulatory framework on sustainable investment aims to ensure accurate and complete information from market participants, Swesif Hållbarhetsprofilen (Swesif’s Sustainability Declaration for funds, HP) is addressed to end users. HP provides a simple and transparent way to compare different funds with each other in. In order to continue achieve this goal under the new regulatory framework, Swesif is working to adapt some of the questions from the SFDR framework that the HP working group considers most important to get a picture of how a fund is investing in terms of sustainability in order to include them in a new version of HP.

Swesif has also chosen to keep three important concepts of the existing HP to allow for filtering: “Opt in” (välja in), “Opt out” (välja in) and “Impact” (påverka), as many clients have learned the meaning of these concepts already.

The Sustainability Profile remains an information document that is voluntary for fund management companies and they remain responsible for the content of their profiles.

2. How will the updated Swesif Hållbarhetsprofilen differ from the previous version?

In accordance with the SFDR framework, the updated version of HP will be available in three different versions; article 6, 8 and 9 supplemented with some of the questions from the SFDR framework selected by the working group to create a better understanding when comparing and choosing between different funds. The funds’ regulatory information will be accessible via link.

3. Who are the stakeholders the HP Working Group is in contact with and how do they contribute and influence the development of the updated Swesif Hållbarhetsprofilen?

Swesif has created a working group consisting of board members and committed Swesif members representing users of HP. Swesif has also been in dialogue with the Swedish Pensions Authority, the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority, the Swedish Consumer Agency and the Swedish Investment Fund Association. The Pensions Authority has helped to test the new templates with end customers. As a result, we have received very good feedback, which we are now taking into account in our development of the upgraded HP. We have also been in contact with the Nordic SIF organisations, which have already shown interest in the new profile. The working group has also presented the projekt to Eurosif.

4. When can we expect the updated Swesif Hållbarhetsprofilen to be ready?

The forms used by fund management companies for input and the reports that end clients will see are ready. A technical update of the platform is currently underway in order to implement the necessary changes and, if possible, to introduce direct reporting of data in accordance with the new EU standard. In addition, communication to the existing users of Hållbarhetsprofilen will start in the autumn. The launch is scheduled for 1 February 2023.

The working group has included the following member representatives: Peter Beckman/Atlant Fonder, Sara Ellsäter/AMF, Senait Asgede (Neuberger Berman), Mikaela Reinhammar (Cederquist law firm), Tord Andersson (RVA Consulting), Donald Linderyd (WWF) and Johan Nobel (Finserve/Credit Fund). The following representatives from the Board have participated: Susanne Bolin Gartner, Anette Carmelius, Cecilia Cisana and Jennie Ahren.

For questions about the Swesif Sustainability Profile, please contact swesif@swesif.org

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