EuroSIF 2018 SRI Study

This 2018 SRI Study represents for Eurosif a new beginning. In support of the European policy changes on sustainable finance of the last two years, which promise to change the financial sector fundamentally, Eurosif presents its landmark publication as a manifesto in support of the Action Plan on Sustainable Finance. Also, and for the first time, Eurosif has collaborated with academic partners for the preparation of this work, as another step towards further streamlining its methodological approach to gather SRI investment flows across Europe.

In the 2016 Study we described the inception of those meaningful policy signs which led to the tsunami we have witnessed in the past two years. Giving further impetus to actions at country level, the European agenda in Sustainable Finance has set in motion a series of changes which we expect to be cemented into the financial system. Sustainable and Responsible Investment, as a main pillar of Sustainable Finance, is destined to become part of the way both institutional and retail clients invest their money.

The European Action Plan has clearly determined that Sustainable Finance is here to stay and SRI will continue to help shape and mainstream this positive current in a relevant and structural fashion. The next step for Europe and the industry is to gain consensus around what are the criteria that define sustainable and responsible investing, to ensure a transparent level playing field to support future growth.

Originally published by EuroSIF




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