Swesif tipsar: ESI – A Tool to better capture corporate and investment impacts on the Earth system

Swesif is intensifying its collaboration with research. Take a look at the newly launched ESI tool, designed to assess the impact of companies and investments on the Earth system.

Human activities, like emissions and deforestation, affect many Earth’s landcover, waterflow, and temperature – three important planetary boundaries. These changes ripple through the Earth system because of interactions between the individual Earth system processes.

Mitigating severe systemic risks related to climate change and nature depletion hinges on our ability to ensure we rapidly reduce the harm being done to our natural carbon sinks.

ESI is a tool that can allow investors to assess the planetary scale impact of an individual company or asset, and aggregate it to portfolio level. It is systemic, context sensitive and science based and can be valuable for guiding improved decision-making.

Read the full paper here

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