Swesif bjuder in till seminarium: Freedom of Expression and Privacy in the ICT sector

Freedom of Expression and Privacy are two sustainability topics that are getting increasingly material for the ICT industry. After the revelations of Edward Snowden, which highlighted several governments’ increasing efforts to use modern technology to monitor citizens, ICT companies are trying to regain trust. They face various challenges in different parts of the world, ranging from bulk collection of personal data in many Western countries to shutting down networks in non-democratic countries when citizens are trying to make their voices heard. In this situation, companies need to carefully balance the legitimate security needs of states and everyone’s human rights.

On October 6,  Susan Morgan and Mark Stephens, Director and Independent Chair of The Global Network Initiative, are visiting Stockholm. We would like to invite you to an investor seminar where Susan and Mark will share their thoughts and experiences from the past years. They will give an overview of how risks and opportunities have evolved and present best practice examples of companies. The Global Network Initiative is a multi-stakeholder initiative, formed by companies, human rights groups, investors and academics back in 2008, to create standards for the industry on these matters and a platform for joint problem-solving.

Time: October 6 at 3-4PM
Venue: Kungsgatan 10, 3rd floor (it says KG10 on the door)
RSVP: Oct 1 at the latest to swesif@swesif.org. For questions, please contact Sara Nordbrand +46-(0)768 000 189.

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