Accounting for Water In Active Ownership Report Launch

In 2019 a project between Swesif and the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) was initiated to create a framework that helps members understand water-related risks better in connection with investments, a way to handle corporate governance issues around water more qualitatively and a guide to various types of useful tools around the global water issue that can affect individual investments.

At the end of 2020, SIWI presented initial conclusions and thoughts from the project during a webcast seminar for Swesif members. On August 25, in connection with World Water Week in Stockholm, SIWI together with CDP, who also has contributed to the project presented the final report during the webinar ”How can investors be ambassadors for water?”

Presentations were made by:

Sarah Breslin, SIWI

Emily Kreps, CDP

Katarina Hammar, Head of active ownership, Nordea

Anette Andersson, Senior Sustainability Investment Specialist, SEB

Eivind Fliflet, Norges Bank Investment Management

Dennis Neveling, Managing Director, Analyst, Lazard Asset Management

Therese Rudebeck, SIWI

You can find the report here.

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