Press release: Swesif becomes member of Eurosif

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Swesif, the Swedish Forum for Sustainable Investment, has decided to apply and be accepted as a full member of Eurosif after one year in an observer role. At the same time, the Finnish organisation, Finsif, also joins the seven leading European forums for sustainable and responsible investment that are already part of the pan-European organisation.

As the European Commission’s ambitious strategy for sustainable finance takes shape and legislation in this area evolves, the industry faces many challenges in navigating and complying with a complex set of new requirements. Eurosif and its growing membership are well placed to play an important role in helping the industry understand these requirements and providing the Commission with constructive feedback on the new regulations.

Sweden and its Nordic neighbours have long been seen as pioneers in the field of sustainability and it is a natural step to now deepen their interaction with other European institutions. Going forward, Swesif members will have the opportunity to work more closely with the Eurosif team and other members of the association during a period of significant change in the industry.

Susanne Bolin Gärtner, Chair of Swesif:

“We are delighted to become a full member of Eurosif. After one year as an observer, we have strong support from our members and the Board to take the next step. We look forward to getting involved and contributing to Eurosif’s work on the Nordic perspective and to actively participate in Eurosif’s important working groups.”

Will Oulton, Chair of Eurosif:

“I am delighted that Swesif and Finsif, two of Europe’s leading sustainable investment organisations, will become members of Eurosif.  Their participation will further increase the association’s reach and influence at this critical time for the development of sustainable finance in Europe. I look forward to working closely with them to address the many challenges that lie ahead.”

Aleksandra Palinska, Executive Director of Eurosif:

“We look forward to Swesif and Finsif joining Eurosif as full members. By joining the network of leading European SIFs, Swesif and FINSIF will be able to further contribute their extensive knowledge and experience to promote sustainable finance across the EU.”

About Swesif

Swesif, the Swedish Sustainable Investment Forum, was founded in 2003 to provide the Swedish financial industry with a forum through which information and experience on sustainable finance can be disseminated, perspectives and expertise shared and awareness of the importance of sustainable investment raised. Swesif plays an important role for its more than 130 member organisations by enabling networking and interaction on sustainability issues, conducting valuable research projects and exchanging best practices and policy insights.

About Eurosif

Eurosif is the leading pan-European organisation for sustainable and responsible investment, advocating a more sustainable financial system. Our mission is to promote sustainable development through financial markets by supporting the financing with private and public capital of investments that make a measurable contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations, the European Union and other European countries. Eurosif acts as a partnership of Europe-based national Sustainable Investment Forums (SIFs). SIF members include institutional investors, asset managers, index providers and ESG research and analysis firms with a total of €8 trillion under management, as well as other stakeholders such as NGOs, trade unions, think tanks and philanthropic foundations. Eurosif is also a founding member of the Global Sustainable Investment Alliance, the alliance of the largest SIFs around the world.

For further information, please contact:

Susanne Bolin Gärtner, President
Tel. +46 76 038 48 34

Aleksandra Palinska, Executive Director
Tel. +32 473 13 19 80

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