Hållbarhetsprofilen (Swesif’s sustainability declaration for funds)

Hållbarhetsprofilen (Swesif’s sustainability declaration for funds)

Hållbarhetsprofilen (Swesif’s sustainability declaration for funds) is aimed at fund investors and others, and its purpose is to provide clear and easy access to information on how funds apply various sustainability criteria in their fund management. Hållbarhetsprofilen also makes it easier for investors to compare funds that apply sustainability criteria with each other.

Hållbarhetsprofilen is a standardized information leaflet for the funds whose fund fact sheet states that the fund considers sustainability issues, and should therefore be seen as a supplement to the general fund information. Hållbarhetsprofilen has been developed by Swesif, together with its members.

Hållbarhetsprofilen is a self-declaration; the information in Hållbarhetsprofilen is filled in by the fund companies and has not been reviewed or approved by Swesif. Swesif is only responsible for the format and guidelines for Hållbarhetsprofilen.

Hållbarhetsprofilen is not a certification, label or quality stamp. It should only be seen as an information standard that allows fund companies to report how their funds take into account sustainability in an industry-uniform way.

In 2015 Swesif initiated a project to further develop Hållbarhetsprofilen together with its member companies. The aim was to create a clearer structure and transparency in order to raise awareness among savers and improve the ability to compare different funds. A new version of Hållbarhetsprofilen was launched in January 2017. In connection with the launch Swesif implemented a few changes. A new technical platform was procured in order to build the new version with greater functionality. Furthermore, the change meant that licensing costs were lowered considerably for the fund managing companies.

Since 2018, Hållbarhetsprofilen is developed in collaboration with Fondbolagens förening. The collaboration means that the content of Hållbarhetsprofilen is adapted to Fondbolagens förening’s Standard for sustainability information from Guidelines for marketing and information by fund management companies. The most recent update of Hållbarhetsprofilen was made in accordance with Guidelines for marketing and information by fund management companies, which was updated on September 4, 2019.

For template and instructions on how to complete the form for the latest version of HP please see below.

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