About Swesif

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Interest for sustainable investment in all its forms is growing. Not least, the global financial crisis has led to an increased interest in long-sightedness and sustainability. Sustainable investment offers the tools, criteria and methods to integrate just these factors into the investment process. At the same time, the influence of investors is growing. There is therefore a need for a forum that brings together the forces working for and with sustainable investment in Sweden.

Swesif has ambitious long-term goals:

  • To increase knowledge about sustainable investment
  • Be a network and a meeting point for the exchange of knowledge and experience
  • Contribute to relevant statistics on sustainable investment in Sweden
  • Be a channel to the legislative work within the EU through our membership in Eurosif
  • Actively participate in public debate

We seek to achieve these goals through:

  • Arranging seminars, round-tables, study visits etc. on current issues
  • Collecting and publishing statistics on sustainable development in Sweden every two years
  • Working together with Eurosif and other national SIF-organizations
  • Contributing to public debate through press activities and opinion articles
  • Developing web-based activities such as our home page, virtual meeting places, etc.

Swesif was founded in 2003 and has approximately 85 members, most of whom are asset owners and asset managers. Swesif is an independent association that has its purpose in sustainable investment and its mandate in the breadth and representativeness of its members. Our activities are funded through membership fees.